Our mandate is to Conserve, Celebrate and Promote Brampton's History and our continuing programs are designed to educate, preserve and enjoy the Heritage of Brampton and its surroundings

Brampton Historical Society's

2020 - 2021 Board Members
President - Monica Polley
Vice President - Geoff Acheson
Treasurer - Carolyne Collie
Recording Secretary - Paul Willoughby
Membership - Cathy Willoughby

Archives - Peter Murphy
Heritage Liaison - Michael Avis & Paul Willoughby

Membership - Cathy Willoughby

Newsletter - Michael Avis

Outreach Projects - Steve Collie

Programme - Monica Polley

Publicity - Gloria Berger

Social - Jack Drew

Paul Hunt Bursary - Geoff Acheson 

Social Media - Herman Custodio & Laura Collie
Website - Marc Tomei & Monica Polley

Dedicated to Conserving, Celebrating and Promoting Brampton's History

Brampton Historical Society

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Brampton Historical Society