Our mandate is to Conserve, Celebrate and Promote Brampton's History and our continuing programs are designed to educate, preserve and enjoy the Heritage of Brampton and its surroundings

2022 - 2023 Board Members

President - Monica Polley
Vice President - Geoff Acheson
Treasurer - Carolyne Collie
Recording Secretary - Paul Willoughby
Membership - Cathy Willoughby

Archives - Paul Willoughby
Heritage Liaison - All Executives

Membership - Cathy Willoughby

Newsletter - Michael Avis & Jonathan Scotland

Outreach Projects - Laura Collie & Rob Gilligan

Programme - Monica Polley

Publicity - Gloria Berger

Social - Jack Drew & Cathy Willoughby

Paul Hunt Bursary - Geoff Acheson 

Social Media - Laura Collie
Website - Laura Collie & Monica Polley​

Dedicated to Conserving, Celebrating and Promoting Brampton's History

Brampton Historical Society